2hire philosophy

2hire is building accessible mobility for everyone.

We believe that by giving people the best tools to launch, run, and scale their mobility services, we can help to shape the world's mobility of the future, together.



2hire accomplishes its goal through 2hireAsAdapter.

2hireAsAdapter in a few points:

  • Lets you manage and control one vehicle and a thousand vehicles alike.
  • No business logic.
  • Provides a single interface for all kinds of vehicles.
  • Serves as a base for multiple use cases.


2hireAsAdapter vehicles

2hireAsAdapter is compatible with all kinds of vehicles.

A compatible vehicle:

  • Is a standard entity.
  • Produces the same results performing a generic interaction (Command).
  • Returns a standardized answer to a generic parameter request (Signal).



A vehicle supports a set of interactions.

e.g. Open car doors


A vehicle exposes a set of parameters.

e.g. What's the position of my vehicle?


A set of commands or signals defined on every vehicle.

Through this set, you should be able to cover almost all use cases.

An APIs caller can expect guaranteed behavior from this set.


A set of commands or signals supported only on a subset of vehicles.

Using this set is an operation that may need 2hire's assistance.

APIs responses depend on the vehicle's protocol.

Next steps

2hireAsAdapter is evolving through time:

  • The generic set will grow to the entire extension of the specific set.
  • It will be able to define composed signals.
  • It will expose historic data.
  • A galaxy of satellite projects will emerge around this system.




API Reference

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