Getting started

Create an account

You can create an account at this link.

At registration time, you'll be requested your name, your email, and a valid password.
We'll send you a verification link to your email address to authenticate yourself.

Also, we were hoping you could fill out a form with a set of information that is very valuable for us, you are free not to complete it, only the company name is required to step further.

After the form submission, you'll be redirected to the documentation.

Now you'll have access to all the information you'll need to use our test environment:

  • clientId,
  • clientSecret,
  • the first access token.

You'll find this information here.

The access token has a validity of one day, after that amount of time, you'll need to get another token.

Every time you log in from the top menu, a new token will be generated for you and embedded in the api reference.

If you already have a device, you can continue and register it.
If you don’t have a device yet or if this is your first time with the 2hire's API, please visit the End to End test page.

Register a vehicle

Our system supports an evergrowing amount of models with different IoTs:

  • 2hire enabled vehicles,
  • Stellantis cars eligible with Free2Move,
  • Mercedes,
  • Toyota,
  • Renault,
  • Ford,
  • NIU,
  • Segway,
  • OKAI,
  • Omni Ninebot,
  • Comodule,
  • Vaimoo,
  • Invers.



Each OEM or IoT provider requires different parameters to register a vehicle.
Check the API reference for more information.
Please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] for more information.



Be aware, at this moment, only 2hire enabled vehicles and Omni Ninebot is supported for the testing environment.
Don't be worried, the integration for the other vehicle types will be the same.

Requires authorization


Body table for 2hireBox enabled vehicles:

connectivityProviderstringThe provider of the vehicle's IoT.
data.qrCodestringQRCode IoT's identifier
data. profileId stringIdentifier of the configuration for the vehicle on which the IoT will be installed.

Successful Response

The successful response will consist of the following:

vehicleIdstringThe UUID of the vehicle just created.

Error Response

The error responses are detailed in the errors guide.



To understand how to use at its best the 2hireBox enabled vehicles, please contact us at [email protected].

You're now ready to explore our guides.



Integration test

End to End Test